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Our Story

I have memories of my dad having a beehive when I was very little. He would smoke a cigarette to “calm” the bees down (or was that an excuse).

I since wanted to get into beekeeping, though never imagined one day I would look after over 200 colonies of honeybees! Oh well, I am still enjoying it very much and I have become a large “employer” with over 10,000,000 very hard-working creatures depending on our family looking after them and helping them in the current non-ideal environment we have created.

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The Bee Farm

This year we are opening our main premises as a Bee Farm: We would like to show the equipment we use to extract raw honey, the different types of beehives and components we use, and of course, it would not be a proper visit without looking at live bees very closely and in complete safety.

So little but so important. They are not here to sting us they are here with a very important mission and if they were to disappear, we would be in big trouble!

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Bee Friends Bee Farm
Bee Friends
The Bungalow
Perry Hill
Mob: 07713643261
Weekends, 10am to 6pm

£10.00 per adult

£6.00 per child (6 to 17)

No charge for children aged 0 to 5

10% discount on all products available at the Bee Farm
Our Bee Farm is on a small lane just off the A322 between Guildford and Woking.

3 words app are: Garden.dollar.humid

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