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Alex Orrow is a commercial, corporate and brand photographer based in Surrey


I’ve been a commercial, architecture, corporate and personal portrait photographer for 27 years, in London and now Reigate, Surrey. Shooting locally, across the UK and around the world.

In that time I’ve been lucky enough to work with all sorts of amazing people, from nurses and newborns to sports stars and chief executives, with the odd celebrity chef and prime minister thrown in for good measure. I started my career as a press and pr photographer in North London mostly wizzing around London in the 1990’s from one press call to another during the height of the cool Britannia period and the transition from shooting on film to digital format. This experience of working with film and in the darkroom has provide me with the opportunity to develop my eye for composition in a fast paced environment and has enabled me to maximise time and work efficiently.

Moving away from press and pr I worked briefly as a travel and expedition photographer and then as an assistant photographer to commercial architectural and interiors photographers. 

My work now spans everything from corporate marketing to magazine editorials, with specialities in portrait, location, architectural and healthcare photography and more recently aerial drone photography and video. I’ve earned the trust of a mix of regular clients, including governmental departments, big multinationals, public bodies and local independent businesses.

Working alone or with art directors and designers, in the studio or in demanding environments, my approach is all about putting people at ease to capture dynamic, creative shots with minimal fuss and equipment.

I am proud to live and work in and near the Surrey Hills, and enjoy spending recreational time in the countryside as often as possible. The Surrey Hills are a source of creative inspiration for me and I regularly take photographs in this beautiful environment and I have begun to undertake a series of drone videos and images of the Surrey Hills, which are available through my website and I have promoted via social media. 

While I have historically done more commissions in London and even internationally, I am keen to relocalise my work in an effort not only to support the local economy, but also reduce the carbon emissions associated with my work. One example of doing so has been through a series of commissions for the architects Brookworth Homes, who have new developments in and adjacent to the Surrey Hills AONB. 



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