Binary Botanical

Binary Botanical is a unique vegan, gluten free wine-lovers beer available in both 4% and 0.5%.


binary harnesses the full flavour of the normally discarded hop bine leaves, to produce a delicious beer with less than half the calories and alcohol of a glass of wine – a beer for lovers of the vine and the bine. binary’s hop leaf infusion gives a tangy, never bitter taste to a light refreshing beer. Aromatic, flavourful and gently sparkling binary pairs well with food and is delicious as a mixer for some easy-to-make cocktails.

About us

As experienced members of the brewing fraternity, the inspiration for binary came from our shared frustration of wanting a moderate alcoholic beverage – yet not enjoying the traditional bitter taste of beer.

We are unapologetic about our slightly geeky approach to the technical aspects of our product and apply exceptional quality standards with complete adherence to the more complex recipe.

binary has been brewed to democratise refreshment and moderation; a beer that everyone can enjoy! So please enjoy the fruits of our labour. We certainly do!

binary was crafted from the ‘live lighter philosophy of the Good Living Brew Co – a desire to eat and drink lightly and minimise our impact on the planet. We are passionate about sustainability and wanted to develop a brand which used a waste product (the hop leaf) as a core ingredient. We love converting people who say they don’t like beer to binary botanical.


We love living in the Surrey Hills and can be found supporting farmers markets and festivals and in sustainability related initiatives as appropriate.

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Binary Botanical
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