Eden Greens Urban Farm

We’re an Urban Farm specialising in producing Microgreens for the food and health industries.


Microgreens are the healthiest produce you can eat being up to 40 times more nutrient-dense than their full grown counterparts while still packing an explosive taste loved by Michelin star restaurants and exceptional chefs.

We strive to produce the highest quality Microgreens while building close relationships with our customers and catering to their individual requirements.

We have introduced the first Zero Waste superfood blend consisting of Sunflower shoots (nutty and crunchy), Pea shoots (fresh summer sweetness), micro Broccoli (loaded with sulforaphane), micro china rose Radish (spicy and packed with anti viral nutrients), micro red Cabbage (full of flavour and antioxidants). We finish our blend with either a micro Basil, Coriander or Garlic chive to give our blend the fine-dining touch. The zero-waste jars are available for weekly delivery and are harvested the morning of delivery for that extreme freshness.

We encourage people to also grow their own superfood to help keep themselves and their families healthy with our grow kits. Our seed distribution licence allows us to source and provide you with the highest quality seeds in our grow kits. By growing your own Microgreens you can harvest them as you’re ready to eat them, ensuring you get maximum nutrition in every mouthful.

Our Story

Eden Greens started in Surrey as an initiative for sustainable, fresh and indoor grown produce. The idea was born from our love of plants, gardening and urban farming where we spent our summer days growing vegetables in our backyard for our family.

As the days turned colder we looked for ways to continue growing but to avoid the changing seasons. We came across the vibrant community of microgreen growers and controlled environment agriculture – so we could still plant seeds and nurture plants… but avoid the harsh climate outdoors!
The biggest highlight of this discovery was the unbelievable taste of these young, fresh herbs!
Our lives were transformed by fresh, living, tiny greens that packed a serious punch of flavour and zest. We were hooked.

Our Love of the Surrey Hills

We have introduced our grow kits into a local school where children will learn to grow their own food that is completely natural, organic and sustainable. We will be looking at growing this project to a programme where we will visit schools and encourage kids to learn at an early age the importance of eating healthy, the magic of growing your own food and the benefits of reducing their carbon footprint while introducing them to new tastes and flavours that pair well with every meal.

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