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HIE excel at enabling our clients to relax knowing their properties are in good, reliable, and trustworthy hands.  We operate mainly in the South East of England and our non-contracted service is limited to Surrey and Sussex. Our aim is to deal with any size issue in any size client property; from small occasional issues that may go wrong on a day-to-day basis (boilers, electrics, drains, septic tanks etc) to delivering a flexible management, planned maintenance, and servicing solution for the daily operation and management of a larger property or estate.

Dean and Faye Smith are the Co-founders and Directors of HIE Estate Management Ltd. Dean has a culmination of 25 years spent perfecting the art of estate management. Over that time, Dean acquired practical expertise in every aspect of managing estates, properties and the needs of the clients.   The result: the smooth and immaculate running of his clients properties. Dean has a track-record of delivering complex and demanding projects – from fully refurbishing a heritage country home to creating a brand-new equine facility, as well as small more personal projects. He understands every stage of the process, and how to deliver value-for-money results. Above all, Dean listens to his clients and finds bespoke solutions to make their vision a reality. He understands the value of privacy and forges strong, personable relationships with his clients built on a solid foundation of trust. Dean inspires trust and respect in the multi-disciplinary teams he has led – thanks to his warm, genuine personality, his personal dedication, and his wealth of experience.

HIE Estate and Property Management is proud to be based in the Surrey Hills and is committed to supporting its community and protecting its environment. Any maintenance or regeneration projects will be completed in a way that protects the individual character, landscape, and habitats within this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.



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