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Inspro enables you to convert your food waste into high welfare, high protein natural chicken feed in place of concentrates such as soya. It’s magic, it lowers carbon and your chickens will love you for it!


The world wastes a billion meals every day. Reducing and Valorising waste is, to us, the most obvious way to reduce carbon and feed a global population racing towards 10 billion and beyond! 

Inspro enables small poultry keepers to bio-convert food wastes into valuable poultry feed using Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL).  In Surrey, we focus on Smallholders with a few birds. We provide a kit which is easily operated in a shed consisting of a tray, heat pad, lamp, scoops, thermometer, gloves, sprayer, feed and neonates. With our ongoing support, you harvest a few bugs for your delighted hens and drop in food waste (fruit and vegetables, bakery, grains…) for your bugs.  You will see your hen’s behaviour improve as they focus on searching for bugs.  Their condition improves, they eat less concentrate, egg yield/taste improves, and their carbon footprint reduces.  The larvae act as probiotics that stimulate your hen’s gut-biome making them better able to digest.  

Neonates and Frass

The neonates grow rapidly and in 2 weeks they will be 2cm long.  You then start feeding your hens at up to 25g per bird per day (Scoop provided).  You can feed less but we suggest you always feed some bought feed containing micronutrients/minerals. Each bottle contains 50,000 neonates which could yield up to 10kg of bugs.  The neonates are suspended but they do need to be used within a day of delivery and kept out of sunlight at about 15c.  Frass is insect ’poo’ rich in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium at similar levels to farmyard manure which can be spread after the bugs are removed.  Frass is also a plant stimulant (chitin) and insect deterrent.

Our Story

I started Inspro in 2017 after a long career in airline procurement. Inspro is our way of giving something back to the planet.  We work with Doug Wanstall, a leading regenerative farmer at Bank Farm in Kent with 2000 layers and broilers.  Here we use spent brewers’ grains from Curious Brewery to feed the bugs in temperature-controlled rooms.  Produce from the farm is then sold back for consumption in the brewery restaurant.  This is perfect ’local nutrient circularity’ to help produce lower-carbon food on a local basis, within the community.

PhD University of Surrey

I am a part-time PhD student at Surrey researching different substrates to see whether our bugs can bio-remediate substrates such as animal wastes contaminated with microplastics, pharmaceuticals…  It is a great opportunity but finding study time is not easy!  


Safety is paramount and so there are some rules to follow.  Firstly, Black Soldier Flies (BSF) are one of 8 species permitted by the EU/UK governments for farming.   Larvae must be fed ’live’ to poultry, not processed.  Larvae can be fed to fish, pets, wild birds and exotic pets. BSF are a sub-tropical species which carries no diseases and adults do not pester or bite nor are they an invasive species.  All fed substrates must be animal by-product-free.




Please talk to us about offers for schools and petting farms where we can bring to life the eduction of young people about the life cycle of insects, food waste valorisation and carbon reduction. Thank You


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