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InsPro valorise food by-products (waste) using insects (Black Soldier Fly) to create sustainable poultry feed and slow release organic fertiliser.


This creates ‘Local Nutrient Circularity’ meaning that nutrients that have resources such as water, transport, fertilisers and time invested in them are not lost into land fill or Anaerobic digestion. So, not only do these resources not produce GHGs, they are put to use as poultry feed replacing less sustainable feeds such as soya imported from Brazil and creating food for human consumption. Only a few of us want to eat insects but poultry fed sustainably on insects, in place of soya, is largely accepted.


We have created Bio Conversion Units (BCUs) in 20 foot shipping containers that are sited on poultry farms so that feed miles are minimal. We provide these as a service, supplying the neonates (small larvae) and substrate and harvesting every 7-10 days. Poultry love our larvae which is a hugely natural feed that encourages scratching and searching activity which discourages pecking.


My name is Richard Small, I am based in Cranleigh and I set up InsPro in 2017. To operate in Surrey we are seeking a suitable supply of fruit by-products and a number of poultry farmers with a minimum of 2400 birds. Our system brings these parties together to create sustainable eggs that are lower in carbon and far more sustainable.

Our Story

We formed InsPro in 2017 after a friend told me he had just invested in a ‘fly’ business. This introduction to the power of Black Soldier Fly Larvae to bio convert food waste got me hooked. For many years we researched to perfect our dispersed business model and now it seems the world is waking up to the urgent need to better valorise food waste. Morrisons, the supermarket, just announced that they will be selling eggs in 2022 from hens that are fed on Black Soldier Fly Larvae as the bio converters of their own fruit waste – Circularity!


We want to produce local, carbon-free eggs that support the local economy and give consumers confidence that they know the hens that produce their eggs are properly cared for and sustainably fed.

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