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Richard’s Gallery & The Cushion Boutique are the trading names of Richard Dunford and Hilary Fautly who live and work together in partnership.



Richard is a photographer and digital artist whose portfolio includes images from London to Venice and from street photography to abstract geometric digital art. He prints all his own work along with making many of his own picture frames.

Hilary is an extremely talented maker with just about anything involving needles and fabric. Her range of skills cover everything from sewing and knitting to making exquisite cross-stitch pictures.

Both Richard and Hilary produce their own individual handmade products, however more recently they have combined forces with Hilary making cushions and other products using Richard’s images and designs printed onto fabric.

Our Story

Richard’s personal portfolio of photographs covers a wide range of subjects and places and after having had several solo exhibitions, in 2006 he launched a new website called Richard’s Gallery and very much like a bricks-and-mortar location visitors are invited to visit different galleries according to their own tastes.

After two careers working in the City and raising two children Hilary teamed up with Richard in 2007. With the children having grown up and flown the coop she was able to leave corporate life and focus on her passion for fabrics. The Cushion Boutique ( was born as an online platform for her to exhibit and sell what are frequently one-off designs.

On any given day the many birds cheeping in our garden mingle with the sound of sawing from the man-cave and the hum of a sewing machine. (And very occasionally the odd ‘Ouch!’)


Love of the Surrey Hills

Living and working in such a beautiful environment as the Surrey Hills is a privilege to be enjoyed and nurtured.

Richard is a very keen touring cyclist and in 2013 made a solo cycle tour around France. In preparation for the tour he took the opportunity to involve the children of Yattenden School in Horley to design a poster to help him raise funds for the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead. (Both the poster and the tour were fabulous btw).


Since then cycling has played a central role in his life in the area – he takes his camera every time he goes on a social ride which constantly adds to his portfolio and whenever possible he promotes the seemingly limitless lanes and paths to new cyclists.

He has also pioneered commercial cycling in the area with The Ice Cream Bike selling locally sourced ice cream at many local festivals and for a period at the top of Colley Hill.

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