Sally Rule: Your Trusted Property Consultant

Sally Rule: Homeologist: ‘Enchancing your home, commanding its value’


I set up my business in 1999, to support homeowners in choosing to stay and ‘feel at home’, maximising their greatest asset when deciding to sell and settling into somewhere new.

I believe everything starts at home, as it provides you with protection, warmth and security.

So a happy home is key to a happy life, including health, relationships and wealth and with that in mind, I share my (nearly 40 years) experience by presenting options with effective results, so you can achieve the best.

My signature technique provides a framework to plan, prepare and present homes to sell and has proven successful, with clients selling quickly and achieving more than expected.

How can I help you?

Pavement to Porch

Attracts and welcomes viewings as first impressions matter. This is key to potential purchasers driving past or stopping outside your house. There are no statistics to confirm how many potential purchasers pass by your house for sale, so, the aim is for people to stop, look and book a viewing.

Getting Property Ready

‘Planning, preparing and presenting’ your home, maximising it to sell. Your home is your greatest asset, so I know you want to make it look at its best. The right photographer and agent are important to market the house to attract the right purchaser at the right price.

Home search

‘Searching, selecting and securing’ the right property, in the right location, at the right price and at the right time to buy or to rent. Having many years of experience as an agent, I have established good working relationships with agents, allowing me opportunities to view property sometimes before it comes to the market.

On the house

‘A picture paints a thousand words’ … and remember, the photographer will shoot what they see, so, what are your photos saying about your home?

A free ‘Photo Review’ is offered to both homeowners and agents, as I observe the photographs online sharing impartial expert advice on each photograph, which has proven very beneficial and successful.

Plus, I offer a free 45 minute telephone consultation to discover how best I can help you and invite you to call me on 01483 479 500 to arrange a suitable date and time.

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Sally Rule: Your Trusted Property Consultant
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