Swygge creates natural and fresh premium bottled cocktails, that are lower in sugar. We are here to give you a fuss free bar quality experience to share with your loved ones.


Established in April 2020, the company started life as The Cocktail Delivery Company and was reborn as Swygge. Originating from a combination of the words Swig and the Danish word ‘Hygge’ meaning friendship, contentment and wellbeing. Swygge creates premium bottled cocktails, to elevate experiences and for the coming together of friends, family and strangers. Giving people a sense of wellbeing when they ‘Swygge’ our drinks.

All our products are made using only natural, fresh and organic ingredients, alongside crafted spirits, and our own inhouse cordials and liqueurs. Our recipes are developed and produced in house, giving us full control over the taste and quality of our drinks. At Swygge we promise to produce inhouse for consistent quality every time. Innovation is at the forefront of our thinking, with the environment, originality, and the latest trends in mind.

Drink less, drink better with Swygge. With sober-curiosity growing and mental health on the rise, we want to spread awareness about conscious drinking. You might know someone who suffers from alcohol misuse, and we believe that alcohol is not entirely the enemy, but poor mental health is. So, we’re on a mission to inspire a better drinking experience, and to give our would-be boozers more health conscious choices. We also partner with some of the best low and non-alcoholic spirit brands to bring our consumers a positive choice and a feeling of inclusiveness and sophistication.

We care about you, the planet and animals. That’s why our cocktails are only made using natural, fresh, organic and ethically sourced ingredients that are made with lower sugar, and without preservatives and stabilisers.

What’s more is our strong zero waste ethos, where we lovingly craft our own inhouse cordials, infusions, shrubs and liqueurs from our leftover fresh produce that make zero waste limited edition cocktails for you.

We use 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and pay a premium to properly recycle all our waste at our warehouse. And to have a greener impact on the earth we direct a portion of revenue to offset our carbon footprint, while using the greenest delivery company in the UK.


Always happy to help/ support

Just get in touch with either Emily or Rewfus (emily/ rewfus@swygge.com) to let us know how we can support and we will see if we can.


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