The Countryside Regeneration Trust

The Countryside Regeneration Trust is a pioneering charity that promotes the benefits of environmentally sensitive farming.


Launched in 1993, the CRT advocates for a living, working countryside, encouraging its tenant farmers to use sustainable farming methods.

A dedicated team of professional staff and volunteers monitor the wildlife on its 2000-acres of farms and woodlands to evaluate the success of initiatives aimed at increasing farmland biodiversity.

With around 70% of land used for agriculture in the UK, the CRT believes one key to reversing the devastating decline in nature rests with a greater emphasis on regenerative farming. This will help ensure farms are not wildlife no-go zones, devoid of the mosaic of life that underpins our existence.

Greater awareness of, and involvement in nature-friendly farming, is one of the most important ways to regenerate the countryside for generations to come.

Ongoing farm investment is designed to help create community hubs, promote local jobs, educate people about the relationship between food and farming, and highlight the countryside’s positive impact on our wellbeing.

The CRT are very proud to have three farms located in the Surrey Hills area, each with its own distinct characteristics:

Pierrepont Farm
A 200-acre heathland farm near Frensham in Surrey, Pierrepont is an active dairy farm with restored Grade II listed buildings used by skilled local artisans for making and selling everything from fudge to furniture.

The farm is home to a charismatic herd of Jersey cows; each one fitted with a special ‘tag’ that allows the farmer to track their location, productivity, and health. The cows even take themselves from the field to a state-of-the-art dairy for milking.

We also run our popular Mosaic education programme for schoolchildren from Pierrepont Farm. This unique farming and wildlife experience has been developed by the CRT to connect young people with the natural world, show them how to protect it, and teach them where their food comes from.

Green Farm
Situated between Churt and Hindhead, Green Farm is a 200-acre wildlife haven of regenerated coppiced chestnut woodland, managed pine plantation, precious lowland heathland and pasture. A dedicated team of volunteers implement an ongoing woodland management plan, while the pasture is rented to a neighbour who uses it sympathetically.

Brays Farm
Nestled in the Surrey Weald, on the edge of South Nutfield village is 52-acre Brays Farm. A traditional dairy farm with field parcels separated by native hedgerows, it is noted for barn and little owls, kestrel and swallows during the summer.  The tenant farmers carry out a low-input, traditional style of farming, with a mix of dairy shorthorn cows, sheep, chickens and pigs.  



Find out more about how you can support the Countryside Regeneration Trust by becoming a Friend of the countryside or join our volunteering team at either Pierrepont Farm or Green Farm.

The Countryside Regeneration Trust
Pierrepont Farm, The Reeds Rd, Frensham, Farnham GU10 3BS