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The Life Adventure seeks to expand human potential and enhance the emotional wellbeing of people in businesses and organisations through in-person and online talks, workshops, unique journeys and retreats.


Let’s face it, we’re busy. We’re living in a 24/7 connected world, yet it’s made us more disconnected and stressed than ever before. The Life Adventure is founded on the lofty objective of helping businesses feel better, emotionally and physically, by offering super-engaging wellbeing talks, workshops and events – both online and in-person.  From the latest modern thinking to ancient wisdom, you’ll learn from real masters. Every single one of them utterly passionate about helping you be the best you can be. Choose from topics such as managing change, developing resilience, working alongside nature for transformation, breathwork, sleeping more soundly, tools to cope with stress, breakthrough techniques and what emotional intelligence really means. We’re focusing on life techniques that no one ever taught you. Ones you’ve been left to figure out the hard way. Our talks. workshops and retreats will help your people live their lives to the fullest and operate at their best.

The story behind our brand goes like this. I’m Justine, the founder, and the idea was born out of my endless curiosity on how to live a good life. I spent most of my Cornish childhood very physically – either on a bike, in the sea or up a tree. And then many years later, yet long before mental health started to become an acceptable talking point, I began exploring all the fascinating ways there were out there to feel better mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. From this, and from running a successful small travel business in Battersea, where we made our staff’s wellbeing the top priority, the idea of the Life Adventure came into being.

During this process of discovery and hard-won breakthrough, I began to realise how incredibly difficult it was to gain authentic, practical knowledge on both mainstream, as well as alternative, health and wellbeing subjects. It’s better now of course, but that wasn’t the case until quite recently. Even now, it’s patchy, and often unreliable and sometimes mistrusted, particularly in the workplace. What we seek, is to help shift all that.  Our deep belief at The Life Adventure is that without our wellbeing, we lack the foundations to live a fulfilling, purposeful life.

To deliver our content, we’ve enlisted visionary doctors, teachers, coaches, nutritionists, therapists, authors, and health experts. Alongside their time at The Life Adventure, they do incredible work to improve the wellbeing of ordinary folk, as well as helping celebrities and even prime ministers get back to wellness when all else has failed. Together we continue to create inspiring, fascinating, and practical talks and workshops, along with transformational experiences which take teams out of the office and into the natural environment.

The Life Adventure is the resource I wish I’d had when I was struggling to survive in a business that didn’t put people first. It is first and foremost a place for those who recognise that we cannot flourish in the modern working environment without a little help. And sometimes, a great deal of help. We provide this help by nudging people towards creating new, healthier habits both inside, as well as outside, the workplace. And with evidence on the importance of this at an all-time high, the wellbeing of staff is no longer seen as taboo, or a nice-to-have. It’s valued as a vital and integral part of the success of any flourishing 21st century organisation.

Changing lives sounds like a serious challenge, but making this engaging, and interactive and even fun for our clients, as well those involved in making it happen, is hugely important to us. I hope you like what you see and that you’ll join us on this journey into helping your people to heal, be inspired and find a new way to work, live and thrive.

Whilst many of our clients are based in London, the nature-based work we do with them is mostly held in the Surrey Hills, or with the Surrey Hills as a backdrop.  Our office location is based under a huge, old and rare fern-cut leaf beech tree in Caterham and as we step out, we step into the Surrey Hills, which feels very special indeed.  Last year we held a series of revive, refresh and recharge retreats in the Surrey Hills combining creative storytelling sessions, Conscious Connected Breathwork and Forest Bathing.  Our sister company is a B Corp, so where we can, we love working with organisations who commit to balancing profit with people and the planet, such as Danone, who came to experience the Surrey Hills with us last year.  As an aside, we also run monthly Forest Bathing sessions in the HQ of the Surrey Wildlife Trust in their private nature reserve Nower Wood. You can find these on our dedicated Forest Bathing website Forest Bathing Made In Britain.

The Life Adventure Forest bathing

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