Winterfold Candle Co.

Winterfold Candle Co, is a small batch, independent candle brand, driven by sustainability and inspired by the turn of the season and the beauty of Winterfold Forest.


We hand pour our candles using coconut & rapeseed wax and curate fragrances to transport you into nature. Our essential oil candles promote a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Like all the best ideas, Winterfold Candle Co. began over mugs of coffee, around the (very paint-splattered) kitchen table. Two families, six children, total chaos. But from the chaos creativity sparked…

Each of us brought something unique to that table. Before children, Sam worked in sustainability in the City and dreamt of applying her knowledge and passion to her own venture. Married to Sam, Stu is a highly-skillful luthier, making bespoke guitars in his home workshop. He also has the nose of a hound. Vicky completed the trio. A talented graphic designer, her beautiful branding brought Winterfold Candle Co. to life.

Living on the edge of Winterfold Forest provided all the inspiration we could ever need. Tramping through piles of leaves and collecting pine cones, diving into piles of snow with ice raining from overhead branches, or enjoying the cool of the shade through summer, the forest is part of our daily life. Where we go to de-stress. Blow away the cobwebs. And let the wildlings, well, run wild.

We feel so lucky to have this playground on our doorstep and we wanted to bring a little of its wonder back home – minus the bits of twig and leaf lining our pockets.

Love of the Surrey Hills

Winterfold and the Surrey Hills are integral to our brand and our lives in general. We spend leisure time in the woods and gain inspiration for our brand from our surroundings. Having young children and living in close proximity to nature, coupled with a background in sustainability has led to us putting that ethos at the core of what we do.



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