Putting the Nation’s Beauty First

1st April 2019

It was rumoured today that the Glover Review of Designated Landscapes will recommend changing the branding of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to Areas of Nationally Outstanding Beauty. The acronym AONB will be replaced by ANOB .

Rob Fairbanks, Director for the Surrey Hills AONB, welcomed the news. He stated “the new branding will better reflect that our designated landscapes are some of the most beautiful places in the world. The rugged Cornish Coast, the stone walls and villages of the Cotswolds, and the hill farms of The Lakes are not just naturally beautiful. They are our cultural landscapes whose beauty has been shaped by human activity over the centuries. People already refer to ANOB and the Surrey Hills will be proud to be an Area of Nationally Outstanding Beauty.“

Caroline Price, Communications Lead for the Surrey Hills, was unaware of the news. She stated “I never know what he [Fairbanks] is on about. I just wish he would back off and let me get on with my job promoting the Surrey Hills. We don’t need another acronym” However, after a few moments reflection, she went onto say “perhaps him being an ANOB Director does make perfect sense.”

Notes to Editor

** This Press Release was drafted out of contracted working hours and should only initiate limited discussion.

** The author is not aware of any substantive rumour but the Glover Review has sought advice on the purpose and branding of AONBs