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Enjoy some fun activities to compliment your family days out in the Surrey Hills.

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The Surrey Hills Superheroes

The illustrated stories you can find below will take you into the magical, beautiful world of the Surrey Hills.

The stories will introduce you to some amazing characters. Two Dinosaur brothers with endless energy; Vesta, Goddess of Fire; The Green Man, Guardian of the Forests; Eleanor the Invisible who knows how to talk with water.

The characters are fictional. What is real is the connection with the Surrey Hills. Keeping the magic and beauty of the Surrey Hills is a challenge all the characters face. Can each one find the strength to triumph and become a Surrey Hills SuperHero?

We hope you enjoy the stories, and we hope you will visit the Surrey Hills.

It’s said that if you breathe in the magic of the Hills, you will find your own hero inside. We think you will and we hope you will agree that, in the end, everything is magic.

Eleanor The Invisible

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The Green Man

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Add a splash of colour to our Surrey Hills species!

Download our colouring book of 7 animals and plants from the Surrey Hills.