Alpher Coffee

Alpher Coffee represents the heart, the hard work and the love of the Colombian coffee growers, to be able to offer the most special Single Origin Coffee.


We work with different micro-lots cultivated in perfect sustainable conditions, elevating the purity and flavour consistency and adding an irresistible aroma – all of which together make us proud to present you with a very high quality Colombian Single Origin Coffee.

We were a four person group of Veterinary and Zootechnics students, doing a university project with the small coffee farmers in Colombia. Through the project we could see the love, effort and hard work that they put into their farms to grow a special Single Origin Coffee with very defined characteristics and sustainable processes. But there was a lack of support and fair trading at the time. This inspired us to create ALPHER COFFEE.

Alpher Coffee provides technical support to those small farmers, alongside implementing new techniques that ensure 100% sustainable agriculture. Most importantly, we make sure they get a fair trade for their amazing effort, hard work and for producing such a great quality coffee. Each harvest means everything for those coffee growers who, generation after generation, leave their heart in each bean.

We are a 100% sustainable company and the environment is very much our focus. We prioritise recycling and using recyclable packaging, alongside environmentally friendly products. We make sure that we get rid of our waste in the correct manner so we are helping our planet, one coffee bag at a time.

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Alpher Coffee
Vidolen, Mill Lane, Dunsfold Godalming Surrey GU8 4LD United Kingdom
Tel: 07478 414670

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We are located in the beautiful village of Dunsfold near Godalming Surrey.