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Gain insight into your life and help balance physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy issues with Energy Healing


Hi, I’m Amanda Weller – thank you for visiting my page.

I help people with their stress and anxiety so they feel clear and excited about their work and relationships.

I use Quantum Energy Healing to help clients boost their wellbeing.  These 1:1 sessions can be in person or online.

I also run workshops / give talks and which are tailored to client requirements.  These could include topics such as

  • techniques to destress
  • meditation
  • manifesting
  • breathing techniques
  • grounding
  • life purpose / optimising potential
  • menopause

Energy Healing can work with issues on many levels – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, energetic.  The joy of these sessions is that they are unique and apprioriate for what the client requires at each separate session.

I have been working with Energy Healing since 2005.  Trained in BodyTalk, Quantum-Touch and Rahanni, my sessions are an intuitive mix, as appropriate at each session – no two sessions are the same because life evolves.   All my trainings have been an absolute gift showing me both how we function, and how everything is so intrinsically connected and my continual learning is constantly shared in my client sessions and group workshops.

Being lucky enough to work from the Surrey Hills, my clients all have the beautiful addition of the woodland birdsong through the window, whether they are with me in person or online.  I love birdsong, and I offer you here over 2 hours I recorded of the spring morning chorus to enjoy.

Do contact me to find out more about what I can offer you or your organisation – I’d love to help if I can.

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Amanda Weller
Tel: 07776 131136

10am to 4pm Mon to Friday

Some Saturday mornings


Directions will be provided on arrangement of your appointment.