Angie Wallace Fine Art

Wildlife and Pet portrait artist Angie creates amazingly realistic artworks,  packed full of intricate detail. She works predominantly in coloured pencils and pastels.


Finalist of David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year 2022 and also finalist of Surrey Artist of the year 2022. Angie creates dramatic statement pieces to intimate portraits, and goes beyond the standard natural history ‘study’, to bring each subject’s character and environment to life; offering you a window into their world that you will enjoy looking at for many years to come. Amazingly realistic, and packed full of intricate detail for you to explore, each piece is the result of many hours of work (and years of experience!) and tens of thousands of individual pencil strokes. Only the finest quality materials are used – pencils, pastels, and papers – for lightfastness and longevity. Even prints and greeting cards are produced by a specialist fine art printer that replicates the original to the highest possible standard. Angie also handprints have Wildlife pieces onto ceramic coasters, glass chopping boards, stationery and gift tins.

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Angie Wallace Fine Art