Bee Friends

A local bee-farmer, family run business, managing over 220 beehives in Surrey.


We pride ourselves on running a natural, traditional, high-quality local business

Natural – Our honeybees produce wonderful natural honey, we collect only the surplus offering raw local honey to our customers. Our handmade honey and beeswax skin care products are produced with 100% natural ingredients. We also have skin care for pets: our Paw and Nose Balm. All our products are in glass jars or containers that can be recycled or re-used/re-purposed.

Traditional – We use our honey to make traditional honey Mead and we use our beeswax for making pure beeswax wraps, candles, chopping board conditioner and furniture polish.

Local –  We manage over thirty-three apiaries and are able to source it locally to you. All our honeybees are native British, we supply colonies of honeybees and queens to local beekeepers and farmers.

Quality –  We produce so called raw honey – the purest natural honey which is extremely beneficial for its local pollen, minerals, sugars and nutrients, and has many properties such as healing, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidants, etc.

We run bee demonstrations at different locations and deliver talks on honeybees and the environment.

Our Bee Clubs are tailored for those aspiring beekeepers. With our observation hive, we regularly visit schools and engage with children locally.


Our Story

I have always had some very nice memories of my dad looking after a colony of honeybees in Italy. Being a very outdoor type of person, I took up beekeeping years ago and gradually increased the number of my beehives.

I then decided to have a career change from senior management in the software industry and became a bee farmer.

The idea is really to keep the bees, not to own them.

I can’t teach anything to honeybees, they already know it all and we have instead so much to learn from them.

So I look after them as well as I can and try to spread my enthusiasm around.

Supporting honeybees will always be our priority.


Our life in the Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills is where the majority of our colonies live and prosper. It is a very good natural environment, well-kept and much loved. The honeybees are an integral part of and we want them to continue to thrive and prosper.

We identify our aims with those of Surrey Hills Enterprises in terms of preserving and protecting the outstanding natural environment.

At a time when nature is under threat and more and more must be done to protect the environment, we really want to be part of such project where preservation goes along with getting more people to come, enjoy and benefit from nature, physically and mentally.


Protecting the environment

We’d like to think that by increasing the number of honeybees year on year, we, or really, we should say they are having a very good impact on our close environment.

Honeybees are great pollinators and of paramount importance in the food chain: by pollinating food crops but also many wild trees, bushes and flowers, which in turn will allow birds, other insects and small mammals to thrive.

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Bee Friends
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