All Natural Soap handmade with plant-based oils, plant extracts colours and scents


We are JüniperBe, a family-run manufacturer of plant-based hand-crafted personal care products. Founded by three sisters and a husband—Liliana, Ana Maria, Claudia and Daniel.

We make really awesome bars of soap. Our soaps are created using the cold process method and crafted solely with plant-based ingredients: colourants infused in olive oil for two months, and steam-distilled essential oils. By the time our special hand-crafted soap bars reach you, they have been in the making for four months.

A plastic auditory made us realise the bucket-full of empty containers we were producing specially from our bathroom. We asked ourselves if we really needed to produce so much rubbish and could we reduce it. We adventured in the DIY production of our own home-made mouthwash, soap, shaving bars, deodorant and shampoo. Liliana’s love for the chemistry of things took us to experiment with plants and the colours it could produced and how they could be used in handmade soap. Our discoveries made us believe we could produce zero waste in technicolour and JüniperBe was born.


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