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Lesley Blackburn Art 


Professional Artist and Painter  specializing in impressionistic painting of Landscapes ,Seascapes, Floral Art , Waterlilies, Abstract Art and Abstract Expressionism . Signature Work  being well known for textures and palette knife painting . Working mainly in oils but also in acrylics, inks and mixed media and impasto .Sold paintings worldwide with collections in United States , Canada, South Africa ,Australia, Dubai, Spain ,Switzerland, Belgium, Germany ,Denmark, Italy ,Singapore ,Channel Islands, Ireland as well as the United Kingdom


Lesley Blackburn

Professional Artist and Painter

Originally completed a Foundation Art Course at Wakefield School of Art  in 1978 studying a wide range of art from life drawing, perspective, sculpture, ceramics , photography and graphics . In 1979 studied at Winchester School of Art BA Hons Fine Art and Sculpture . However in 1980 it became clear that art students had little opportunity but selling fine art in main stream galleries and it wasn’t how good you were but moreover who you knew at the time . Many talented artists simply could not earn a living this way and pursued other careers . Many artist were affected by the snobbery of these  established galleries because they were not a known name . Some critics of the time were cruel in their assessments .I have always believed the value of art is what the person is prepared to pay and buying something they like as after all they have to live with it happily on their walls .

My early career was therefore in Nursing and later Midwifery where I qualified as a State Registered Nurse in 1983 subsequently as a midwife in 1986 .I quickly rose through the ranks of the profession taking up my first sister’s post in 1988 which in those days was very quick . By 1990 I was managing the maternity unit in Queen Marys Roehampton . Alongside my midwifery career I was appointed as an accredited Trade Union Steward for the Royal College of Midwives . In 1997  the maternity unit in Roehampton was forced to close by the government of the day and  some 70 staff were faced with redundancy . I was very proud of the fact that I was able to negotiate with the hospital so all 70 employees were transferred to alternative employment with their pay conditions intact for two years . From 1997 to 2001 I was  an advanced midwifery practitioner running the Labour ward at St Georges in Tooting . In 2001  I was appointed Midwifery Matron at the world famous Lindo Wing Paddington where I was in sole charge of the team of midwives, consultants, nurses ,nursery nurses , and admin staff . I managed everything within the unit and provided clinical support to all staff as well as recruiting new staff . I oversaw the building of the new labour ward within the Lindo Wing and was successful enough for one of the consultants to ask me to return there even when I had long since retired as he believed I was the best midwife and manager they had ever had .

During this time my role encompassed the operational management of  St Mary’s Paddington where I would do around 6 shifts a month . Operational Management was a huge day to day role and could be dealing with anything such a major incident or clinical problems in A and E .or sometimes I had to go and disperse some aggressive customers in A and E . I may be called upon to site a drip on a difficult patient or carry out difficult procedures as I was more experienced . In the early years I trained a lot of medical and midwifery students  and was advanced neonatal practitioner .In 2005 I obtained a new post as managing the birth centre and home from home unit at Guys and St Thomas Hospital . The unit was very busy with some 8000 births a year and often full  to capacity . I was elected Governor to the Trust in 2008 to 20011 and advised the trust and wider community on wide range of issues on public health and the workings of NHS as a service . I also gained a MA in management at South Bank University . I was also a qualified Supervisor of Midwives .  

Whilst my midwifery and nursing career flourished so did my passion for art and in 2009 turned professional joining www.artgallery.co.uk and held my first exhibition in the Malvern Theatres  in Worcestershire  .

My style of painting focuses on impressionism and I am known for my love of colour and textures . I am inspired by painters such as Monet in particular but also Van Gogh , Matisse , Turner and Andy Warhol .More contemporary artists are Jack Vettrano and Fabian Perez . I do sell all over the world and have multiple galleries who I work with . You will find me at various online sites. I am well known for my textures and palette knife painting . Collections are worldwide of my work in the United States ,Canada ,South Africa, Australia, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Singapore, Denmark, Ireland ,Belgium ,Channel Islands, Spain and the United Kingdom 











I have my own site  www.impressionisticpainters.com  where I regularly update details and can be contacted here also . I do commissions from time to time and work with a customer’s brief which could be a photo or ideas or colour swatches . I also  can be found on instagram at lesleyblackburn5  and facebook .

I work in partnership with two galleries one in Carlshalton called Corner.gallery and sold paintings through them . I also work with Limehouse art gallery in Stalham  which based in Norfolk broads . I have been an established market trader for a number of years initially in Walton on Thames and Winchester but now having moved to Cranleigh  joined Surrey Hills Artisan Market and proud to become a member . I also do other markets in surrey with ACVR events .  I regularly produced a range of greeting cards from my artwork and also produce some products from my art such glassware and jigsaws . I also believe in recycling and re use as much packaging as I can with my artwork . I enjoy helping and supporting other stall holders and feel that this is an important part of the community


I offer commissions

Come to Denbies on 25th February where you can see me in person and grab a bargain . We can always offer you discounts at a live stall as there less overheads than my online artgalleries


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