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Hello, and welcome to Maisie Grace Designs. At Maisie Grace Designs, we believe in empowering artisans by showcasing and selling their creations to a wider audience. By promoting their talent and craftsmanship, we offer them sustainable livelihoods and a sense of dignity and purpose. We bridge the gap between artisans and mass-production manufacturers, ensuring our customers receive products made with love, passion, and the highest quality. We are one big family with each community- there are no middle men- This is what makes us special!

Maisie Grace designs was borne out of love for my mother and grandparents who came from a world where handmade things were the norm and anything manufactured or mass-produced was seen as extravagant and only purchased if it could not be made locally and by hand . By collaborating with artisans worldwide from remote and indigenous communities, we strive to make a positive impact by providing opportunities for these talented individuals to earn a living through their craft. By offering unique, handcrafted products, we aim to foster cultural diversity, preserve traditional craftsmanship, and enhance the lives of both artisans and customers. Together, we can create a world where artistry, sustainability, and social responsibility thrive.

Being based in the Surrey Hills is a source of immense pride and contentment. The natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and the strong sense of community create a unique and inspiring environment. Engaging in activities that promote and support the local community and environment is a personal commitment. Whether participating in conservation initiatives, supporting local businesses, or contributing to community events, the goal is to foster a sustainable and thriving local ecosystem. Being part of such endeavours not only enhances the quality of life in Surrey Hills but also creates a profound sense of connection and shared responsibility for the well-being of both the community and the environment.


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