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If you know what you want to achieve, but perhaps you’re not getting there as quickly as you had hoped or feel a bit stuck. Having someone hold that space for you being non-judgemental and bringing out your own potential can make all the difference. It can be the smallest steps that move you forward and the smallest actions that make the biggest difference.

I will hold that space for you, I will challenge you, but the rewards can be great.

My experiences from corporate life, to running and starting my own businesses have taught me a lot. I’m not about judging, I’m about encouraging and I love celebrating successes.

I offer a free 30-minute discovery call for anyone serious about achieving their goals, so what have you got to lose?


My Story

I had heard of coaching but didn’t really understand how it could help me. Until one day when I had to give up my business as a bespoke shoemaker because of repetitive strain and found myself not knowing what to do. I needed direction (and an income!). So I thought I’d give it a go. I worked with a coach and loved the feeling of looking forward and finding ways to achieve what I wanted in a very positive future focused way. The process helped me so much.

When our own hospitality business and the business I co-manage got effected by Covid-19, I used this opportunity of pausing and re-evaluating what my own personal desires and values are. It was to help people find a way to reaching their own goals. I know how good that feeling is and I wanted to help others feel it too. Finding the passion within them that motivates them. I get so excited when I witness my clients achievements and successes.

Serving the community is at my heart

I love being part of the Surrey Hills, not only because it is such a beautiful location, but the drive, creativity and resilience of my fellow Surrey Hills business owners is so inspiring. Serving the community is always at the heart of what they do.


Here is what others say about Marsha

“Marsha asked me clear and direct questions and they were all purposeful to help me establish what I wanted to achieve. I would recommend Marsha to anyone who finds themselves stuck in making a decision or trying to move forward with something in their life.” – Martin

“The sessions I’ve had with Marsha have really allowed me to explore how my business brain works! It’s been invaluable to be able to talk about some of the hurdles I have been facing and to discuss options that could move the business forward” – Gemma

“Marsha worked with me to organise the thoughts I was having and asked all the right
questions to encourage me to dig a little deeper. Aside being approachable, friendly, and
a joy to work with, I can say with total confidence that Marsha helped me to decide
something I’ve spent a large part of my life contemplating. Thank you Marsha, I’m so
grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.” – Kelly

“I have found Marsha to be a very effective coach over the course of the six
one-hour sessions I have had with her. She has helped clarify achievable goals
and has also helped me identify a range of techniques and practices that make
challenging and difficult tasks seem more achievable…..

…She is always

positive and encouraging and has been a pleasure to work with”. – Jim


Marsha Hall Coaching
Marsha Hall Coaching

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