MySurreyHills #12
Ian Jones

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Meet Scott Innes, otherwise known as ‘Skip’ who runs the Surrey Hills Adventure Company. Skip’s passion is getting people away from the stresses of everyday life and out on the water and into the Surrey Hills.

” I grew up in the Surrey Hills and love this area. Starting my business on my home turf was a no brainer as no one else was doing it. I looked at the oudoor things that I love to do that we have right here in the Surrey Hills, you don’t need to go off to Wales or France it really is all here! I am so lucky to experience on a daily basis people’s reactions when we take them out of their comfort zones and put them in a different environment doing one of our activities. It’s lovely to see them signing off from their daily lives and getting them out into nature – it’s the most rewarding part of what I do. Personally time out in the Surrey Hills balances me out and takes me away from the constant connection we now have with the digital world – connecting with the outdoors and nature re-adresses the balance in our busy lives. Being outdoors just benefits us all mentally and physically and I encourage everyone to have a go”.