Surrey Hills Arts presents Heathland Artworks 2022

5th July 2022

Surrey Hills Arts unveils this year’s Heathland Artworks at RSPB Farnham Heath, an annual event running until 30 October. The Heathland Artworks trail is free and open to the public, celebrating the Surrey Hills landscape and its heritage, materials, and craft. Local emerging artists studying Craft, Fine Art, and Textiles at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) have taken inspiration from the wildlife, geology and history of the heath throughout the year to develop a series of 12 temporary artworks nestled within the heathland trail.

The art trail is a unique opportunity to see the heathland in a new way. This year the artworks include ceramic built columns, miniature outdoor paintings, and thermal images of the trees. There is also a piece inspired by the historical act of turf cutting which has shaped this landscape over time. Up at the viewpoint, you can experience Walter Bailey’s House of the Invisible Hands, a Surrey Hills Arts Inspiring View.

The Heathland Artworks trail enables a deep connection to the landscape through art, and a new way to learn about the heathland habitat. The project gives invaluable experience to the artists from UCA by preparing proposals, presenting them to a panel and developing their skills to create and install the artworks. It also presents an excellent tool to promote the beauty and conservation needed to preserve the habitat for wildlife such as Grayling butterflies, Nightjars and Sand Lizards. Farnham Heath is managed by RSPB who have restored the heathland to support the native species.

It’s always exciting to see how different students are inspired by the natural environment through their art. The Heathland Artworks trail is a great way to experience the countryside in a new light and enjoy the artworks in such a special landscape.

Ali Clarke, Programme Manager for Surrey Hills Arts

Download the 2022 Heathland Artworks map here. The trail is open now until 30 October and free to visit.