Wildlife Walk Albury Vineyard

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In partnership with the Albury Vineyard, Surrey Wildlife Trust and the Surrey Hills National Landscape, this project has seen the creation of a wildlife walk, adjacent to Albury Vineyard, as a visitor experience to highlight the importance of the environment in respect of wildlife and pollinators.

The walk is open to the public free of charge when the vineyard is open (normally weekends). In addition, there will be free of charge access during the week for local schools and other local groups interested in learning about environmental sustainability.

Although the route involves traversing some uneven ground, it has also included a level of access for people with limited mobility.  The signage includes QR codes with some audio access.  The Access Fund covered the costs of the design and installation of 12 new wildlife walk signs.

Albury Organic Vineyard
Silent Pool, Shere Road, Albury GU5 9BW

Project summary

Applicant Albury Organic Vineyard
Access grant awarded £6,510.00
Total project cost £15,770.00
Project start date 15 Mar 2023
Project end date 27 Mar 2023