Rail to Ramble: Woldingham

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5 miles


Our Rail to Ramble routes enable you to explore the beautiful Surrey Hills whilst leaving the car at home. Simply hop on the train to Woldingham station and enjoy this circular walk.

Explore hidden valleys, chalk downland and varied woodlands on this 8km (5 mile) scenic route. Allow at least 3 hours to enjoy the full route, while several shortcuts give you options for shorter walks. The route is marked by signposts and waymarks bearing the walk symbol.

Plan your route

Toilets Yes There are various hospitality outlets which have toilets for customers.
Seating Yes Benches intermittent throughout the route
Gates Audit in progress
Stiles Audit in progress
Terrain Audit in progress. Pavement in town centres and uneven surfaces that can become muddy throughout the route
Incline Audit in progress
Waymarked Yes Follow ‘Woldingham Countryside Walk’

  1. Step off the train at Woldingham Station and
    turn right along Church Road. Just before Church
    Road Farm turn right over railway bridge then left
    towards Marden Park Farm. Pass buildings on
    right and keep ahead on bridleway
  2. For a shortcut turn left uphill at the first
    junction, then turn left again to join path back to
    station). Pass the first shortcut on the left and keep
    ahead on road with Woldingham School on right
    passing a cemetery and the second shortcut.(For a
    shorter route go through the kissing gate on the left,
    follow path uphill and go through second gate into the
    woods. Follow path, bearing right to Gangers Hill
    and left to rejoin main route at Three Ways). Bear
    left through iron gates onto Horse Chestnut
    Avenue and follow road up valley.
  3. At South Lodge bear left
    then immediately turn left and
    uphill into Marden Park Woods.
  4. Continue ahead to large,
    many-trunked beech tree.
    Take right fork to Gangers Hill.
    Cross with care and follow
    bridleway ahead past Hanging
    Wood Farm. At Tandridge Hill
    Lane turn left and follow path
    uphill beside road.
  5. Pass through barrier and follow road with care
    to Three Ways junction with Gangers Hill. (For
    a shortcut here cross road with care and follow path
    ahead through gate, woods and field to Woldingham
    School, and retrace earlier route to Woldingham
    Station). Turn right along road then join
    bridleway on right, still following North Downs
    Way through South Hawke.
  6. At path junction where North Downs Way
    turns right, turn left up steps, cross road with care
    to car park. Continue ahead through gate and
    along path. Turn right up wooden steps into
    Great Church Wood. (For a shortcut keep ahead,
    rejoining main route at next junction.)
  7. Follow path, bearing left around woodland
    margin and through gate. (A detour to the right
    to visit St Agatha’s Church is
    well worthwhile). Turn
    left downhill then
    bear right at
    junction. Continue
    downhill and take
    narrow footpath
    on the right. Follow
    path downhill then turn
    right over railway
    tunnel entrance.
  8. Follow path to Church Road,
    turn left and continue ahead to
    Woldingham Station.

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