Brandler London

Brandler London is a bespoke cabinet maker and joinery company specialising in the use of barn wood.


We are passionate about creating beautiful, highly textured centrepieces, and captivating living spaces. Considerable attention is paid to sustainable design, which is at the heart of all our projects.

Our barn wood timber is from trees as far back as the Renaissance period, cut down for construction of barns and houses 100-150 years ago and now used in the production of furniture by our team of master craftsmen. You will know you have bought something special, safe in the knowledge that it has taken as little from the natural world as possible.

Bringing nature into the home is at the core of why Brandler London was founded and, at a time when we are required to spend so much of it indoors, our customers tell us how it helps to soothe the tensions of the built environment that we find ourselves in – a design principle known as Biophilic Design.

Whether it is a whole house joinery pack, a stunning bespoke commissioned table, or replacement barn wood cabinet doors to reinvigorate a space, Brandler London are here to fulfil our clients’ desire for high specification cabinetry and furniture that offer a connection to nature, as well as quality material that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Brandler London
Unit 11, North Weylands Industrial Estate Walton-on-Thames Surrey KT12 3PL
Tel: 01932 212163