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Helen Noble is certified Independent Celebrant


My name is Helen Noble and I am a certified Independent Celebrant.

I truly believe that we should all be given the choice to incorporate the elements, cultures, traditions, beliefs and rituals that make us who we are when putting together an important milestone day in your life.

My love of people inspired me to explore the path of Celebrancy and it has given me the opportunity to connect with others by listening to their individual stories and histories.

My creative passion allows me the imagination to formulate unique and bespoke ideas for tailor-made ceremonies. I am open minded, a great listener and full of ideas. My organisational skills, punctuality and drive to deliver the very best service possible, means a thorough consultancy and a seamless ceremony.

Fully certified member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants



The earlier on the process you find me, the easier the rest of the planning will be. I am however always one for finding solutions and being flexible so should you be hitting a hurdle in all your planning, get in touch and we shall solve it together.

Having been a London Theatre Manager I have exceptional insight into how to put on a production – whether that be a show, an event, a gala or an awards ceremony organising is in my bones. As a celebrant, I shall treat your ceremony with the same professionalism, warmth, efficiency, love and dedication.

I was brought up in the Church, so a respect for theology and faith of all kinds is paramount to me – if you have faith in yourself, have faith in each other, have faith that the sun will always rise…. what ever you put your faith into, we can bring it into the ceremony. As I am solely yours – and not the councils, the Church’s or the Humanist Society – we have no boundaries or regulations for your script content – so as we meet and discover what you are about, you can choose any reading, write anything, and listen to any music and sing any song. Utter freedom.

Choosing a celebrant for your ceremony gives the freedom to create an unforgettable and meaningful occasion that is completely unique. From concept to delivery,  I will guide you through the planning process. Alternatively, if you have a clear idea of the type of ceremony that you would like, I can help you to create your vision. That vision might be a big fab amazing wedding, it might be an intimate, delicate and loving renewal of vows. It might be a farewell to a loved one or a happy hello to a new loved one. What ever it is that you want to mark – I can help you give it the love, focus, and attention to detail that it deserves.

My love of people and listening to their stories helps me to gain a valuable insight into personal journeys. With a simple interview process, which actually feels more like an opportunity for you to tell me your story, I am able to extract important facts which can be turned into an accurate, memorable and inspirational ceremony script. I can see the wider vision you are after and orchestrate all the detail that will come together in realising that vision.

The ceremony can include traditional elements  where you can incorporate spiritual or scriptural readings. You could also completely replace religious sections with personal  and meaningful readings instead, or , should you wish to do so, your welcome to have reading from scripture – what ever religion that may be.  The complete ceremony can be informally designed to include any little personal touches to make the day one to remember.

Step 1 : Introductory consultation meeting

Step 2 : Choose formats, agree separate legal process, book date and venue

Step 3 : Interview, sign off draft, amends, final client sign off

Step 4 : Complete run through one week before the occasion

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