HINOKI Forest Bathing

During HINOKI Forest Bathing, walking slowly on a mindful sensory journey through the forest, helps us to relax, de-stress and enhance our wellbeing. We explore our sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and we finish with a taste of Japanese influenced woodland tea. We also offer Foraging Walks, Herbal Medicine and Tea Workshops, Gong Baths, and Meditation classes.


The art and science of mindfully spending time in the forest in Japan is called shinrin yoku, or forest bathing. Since the 1990s, research in Japan has shown forest bathing to have many benefits, including decreasing stress, strengthening the immune system, regulating blood pressure, improved sleep, concentration and memory and lifting feelings of depression and anxiety.

We sometimes start the day early with a HINOKI Sunrise session, during which the energy of the sun, whether a clear morning or not, starts our circadium rhythm helping to promote wellbeing and better sleep.

HINOKI Forest Bathing sessions reflect my Japanese and Hawaiian heritage, interpreting Japanese philosophies, such as finding beauty in every imperfect aspect of nature with “wabi sabi”, and inviting you to the session with warmth and care, the essence of the “Hawaiian spirit of aloha”.

At the end of a HINOKI forest bathing session, you will leave with a deeper connection with nature and an uplifting sense of wellbeing.

About us

Hinoki is the Japanese cypress. Hinoki is deeply rooted in Japan’s long history and is the inspiration for the name. Hinoki is used in many aspects of Japan, from the oils used in aromatherapy to the building of shrines and temples. HINOKI Forest Bathing sessions reflect my Japanese and Hawaiian heritage. I often refer to Japanese philosophies, such as Wabi Sabi, finding beauty in every imperfect aspect of nature, and end the sessions with a Japanese influenced woodland tea ceremony. Throughout the session, my passion for forest bathing will fill you with warmth and care, which is the essence of the “Hawaiian spirit of aloha”.

Forest bathing is a wellbeing activity that uses nature to stimulate the senses and help us bathe our senses in the relaxing atmosphere of the trees. I hope that my love of nature inspires you to find beauty and peace in nature as it does for me.

Love of the Surrey Hills

Having lived in the Surrey Hills for 15 years, at the base of Holmbury Hill for over 8 years, I have grown very fond of spending time amongst the trees and in nature. I spend every day in the hills and forests and love them very much. This is one of the inspirations of my wanting to become a forest bathing guide. I take people into the forest in hope that they experience two things: (1) better wellbeing and (2) a stronger connection and reverence to nature.

Ten percent of all fees relating to HINOKI Forest Bathing sessions in The Hurtwood goes to Friends of the Hurtwood, the charity that manages over 2,000 acres of woodland in the Surrey Hills.

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