Hurt Liqueur

Inspired by the hidden secret of the Surrey Hills, the Hurtberry, Hurt Liqueur is a unique versatile compliment to your favourite Sparkling Wines, Gins and more!


Our liqueur has been intricately crafted with a drier profile, which allows the intense flavour of the berries to burst out. So much so, we don’t add any additional sweeteners, artificial flavourings or colours to it. Just a few extra botanicals that really help us showcase this fantastic berry.

Hurt Liqueur has so many uses, it won’t stay in the cupboard for long!
– Try it with your favourite Sparkling Wines for our unique twist on the Royale cocktail.
– Make things interesting by adding a splash to your G&T for a Pink Gin with a ruby glow and a subtle fruity accent.
– An ice cream sundae for the grown ups – pour over ice cream and enjoy as an after dinner treat.
– Straight up, with or without ice, for an intensely fruity but drier drink.

Many of the team have lived in and around the Surrey Hills for years and we all have a deep sense of appreciation of our local environment and just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

Hurt LiqueurA few years ago we’d hit upon the idea of creating a product based on an ingredient unique to the Surrey Hills. We hadn’t found one. However, at the start of lockdown we were walking in the Hurtwood and stumbled across the Hurtberry. All of us have dogs (or hobbies) that regularly take us into the hills for recreational purposes. At the very beginning of lockdown when Matt happened to be walking up to the Iron Age hill fort at the top of Holmbury Hill to give our dog Fudge a walk, his 13 year old son, Frankie, asked him what the small berries were which covered much of the ground adjacent to the pathways and whether he could eat them. After some research we discovered the Hurtberry, which sparked the idea of creating an alcoholic drink based on this curious fruit.

Twelve months and numerous recipe versions later, we are incredibly proud that Hurt Liqueur is now available to buy from our website as well as from some specially selected local independent retailers in Surrey, who clearly love their food and drink as much as we do.

Appreciating our natural environment and enjoying social time together. We have tried to bring our passion for local into the way that we have created and crafted Hurt Liqueur and hope that you will enjoy it with the special people in your life – why not try it with gin, with fizz or on its own.

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