Oakleaf Enterprise

Oakleaf Enterprise is a mental health charity which has been supporting adults throughout Surrey for 25 years.


Based in Guildford, Oakleaf works to foster confidence and reduce social isolation by actively training, engaging, and supporting individuals with mental ill-health to empower them to participate as active members of society.

We do this through 1:1 employment support; work-related training in gardening, IT and upholstery; a wide range of well-being activities that cater towards building confidence, physical health and mental wellbeing; and a counselling service.

Almost all of our support is offered free of charge. The number of people accessing our services has increased steadily over the past decade, and in 2021 Oakleaf supported 877 people.

Oakleaf also hosts the Guildford Safe Haven, a drop-in service that provides out of hours help to people and their carers who are experiencing a mental health crises, 365 days a year from 6-11pm. This is run in partnership with a fellow local charity and the NHS.

About us

Oakleaf has provided vocational training and wider support to people with mental health needs since 1995 when an occupational therapy unit at the old local Victorian asylum, Brookwood Hospital, closed, relocating to Guildford. The charity was registered in 1997 and has operated for 25 years this September, supporting thousands of clients along the way.

Oakleaf has grown over the past several decades into the charity it is today, providing a wide variety of activities, training and support. In addition to supporting people with their mention health and employment goals, activities aim to improve physical and emotional wellbeing, with a focus on building confidence, social connection and self-esteem.

Through Oakleaf’s multiple social enterprises, additional income in generated whist creating employment opportunities for clients.

Love of the Surrey Hills

Our vision is to improve the lives of people managing mental ill-health in Surrey, and to promote awareness and reduce stigma. Our activities and services aim to achieve this vision.

Oakleaf Enterprise
101 Walnut Tree Close Guildford Surrey GU1 4UQ
Tel: 01483 303 649

Monday – Friday : 9:00-5:00
Adult Safe Haven: 6:00 – 11:00
Young Adult Safe Haven (18-25 year olds) : 5:00-9:00