Roar Outdoor

We are passionate about simply getting people outside!


Providing various outdoor activities in the Surrey Hills such as Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Bushcraft, Birthday Parties, Cooperate / Team building day and Outdoor learning programs.

There is a world of fun out there and we want to introduce as many people as possible to the natural world that surrounds them but is all too often forgotten.

Our number one value as a business is to get people outdoors and enjoying themselves! We don’t want anyone to feel like they are following orders from their instructor but rather guided on their own personal journey to achieve their goals. This is the foundation stone of our experiences.

About us

Husband and wife Rich & Emily, the founders of Roar Outdoor, have been in the outdoor sports/education industry for over 18 years and have a true passion for sharing the natural world through outdoor activities with people from all walks of life.

We started Roar in 2013 while working second and even third jobs to be able to follow our passion of starting an outdoor business. Rich often spent weeks away freelancing for other outdoor companies to reinvest in our own equipment and business costs. Following the birth of our first child we knew we had to create a more permanent base in the Surrey Hills, which is when our water sport base at Godalming Wharf & our woodland base at Loseley Park were created. This has allowed us to start delivery of our Alternative Education provision which we are very passionate about as it allows us to use our coaching skills & the beauty of the Surrey Hills to really benefit the lives of young people in need.

Love of the Surrey Hills

The Surrey Hills has always been our home. Rich has spent his whole life exploring the rolling hills and Emily has lived here for 13 years, in that time we have explored the beauty, history and nature. We both love to watch the change in the wildlife as the seasons move throughout the year.

We consider it a privilege to have this on our doorstep and our whole business is based around helping others experience the beauty of the Surrey Hills while promoting responsible use of this environment for recreational activities.

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Roar Outdoor
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