Surrey Hills and Rivers Limited

Surrey Hills and Rivers provide really special countryside experiences for young people, families and for corporate/adult groups.


Our mission is to deliver countryside experiences that make a real difference to our visitors by combining physical endeavour, fun and rural immersion and enlightenment.  And it usually involves a banquet to sustain us too!

Our adventures might comprise paddlesports, or hikes, or bell-tent camping and campfires, or cycling, or farm or nature workshops, for example.

Sometimes they comprise all of these and more!

Our experiences are special because:

We are in the business only because we think it’s really important for people to be physically active outdoors and informed about the countryside. We think that the first step to caring for the countryside is to know it and develop a fond affection for it.

We know that the most important thing is not the specific activity that we are pursuing, but it’s creating an environment where people are enjoying each other’s company.

We know that the countryside must be cherished forever and that people of all generations must continue to be welcome there.  So every outdoor experience with us imparts consideration of the public, and of private property, and of the natural environment.

We know that for young people, childhood experiences are too important to have an instance of an indifferent experience. Every experience has to be outstanding for every child.

We employ amazing young people, alongside our passionate adult team. We know they benefit from the work experience, and we know that when we work with children they are an inspiration to them, and they help us to ‘look out’ for every child, all of the time.

We provide opportunities for all, not just for those that can afford it or the more or less able, and we know that this doesn’t just make the opportunities accessible, but increases the quality of the experience for all the participants and for our staff team.

Our Story

We think it’s true that you are what you do. And in a world faced with many problems at home and abroad, that it’s important where we direct our energy during our working lives and what example we set for young people. We think that social aspirations and economic profit can go hand in hand. In this context we set up a for-profit business through which we could simultaneously make our micro contribution to a happy and considerate population of the future.

Love of the Surrey Hills

We think the Surrey Hills is an amazing place to hike and cycle and paddle and camp and live. It is a place for the young and old to thrive. For those who live and work within it, and for the many on it’s doorstep in London and elsewhere.

We first learnt of the Surrey Hills Management Plan in the context of making a planning application for the business, and what really struck us was that it was word for word as we’d surely have written it ourselves.

So we want nothing better than to live and work in the Surrey Hills and help deliver on the aspirations of the Management Plan.

What really excites us now that our business is established and that we have joined the Surrey Hills family, is how well our business lends itself to working with local for-profit and charity organisations throughout the Surrey Hills. Every time that we do, it will enhance the value of our business through the quality of the experiences we provide – every time we can source local produce for the meals we provide, source local artisans for activities at their site or at ours, source wildlife charities for fascinating educational sessions. 

Surrey hills and rivers
Surrey hills and rivers
Surrey hills and rivers
Surrey hills and rivers
Surrey hills and rivers
Surrey hills and rivers

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