The Chilli Potter

Home grown and Homemade Chilli Jams of various heats and flavours.
Our expert jamologist can take customers through our mild green jam through spicy red scotch bonnet jam to Carolina Reaper  chilli jam for the chilli jam enthusiasts our jams provide a tasting experience making everyone go home happy


I started this business up in April 2022 because I couldn’t find a descent Chilli Jam to have with a good Cheese plate, and #The Red One was made, since then my business has moved forward.

I decided to experiment and grew some Chillies and made my own Chilli Jam, here we are now with plenty of beautiful jams which will delight your taste buds and warm your insides.  I now grow as many chillies as I can in my greenhouse as well as using a good sustainable vegetable supplier, where I get beautiful peppers and other few ingredients.

My Jams are Homemade in my in my kitchen with lots of love and affection, each jam has its distinctive taste with plenty of fruitiness and fresh flavours

Start with the Mild Green One for a sweet warmth, Orange One, move up in heat to The Red One, or Red & Ginger. Jump sideways into fruitiness with The Mango One or add The Ginger One. Then there’s The Odd One a hint of Smokiness. If you can take the heat, go for the Hot Ones.

Our lovely chilli jam for you to spread, marinate, dip and love.

Supplied in a mess free recycled squeezy bottle. Yummy

Try some sweet chilli jam made by me The Jamologist

The Chilli Potter
Lightwater Surrey GU18 5RH
Tel: 07979482980

For Click and collect 9am till 6pm


When you order online for click and collect we send you the postal address, order is fulfilled.