The Forest Bathing Institute (TFBI)

Protecting our ancient woodlands and forests and helping people to improve their physiological, mental health and wellbeing by spending time under the canopy of trees whilst practicing mindfulness in nature.


Forest Bathing has been established for over 40 years and is widely available via the Japanese NHS on prescription, being part of a country-wide public health care intervention, to prevent and treat mental and physical ill-health.

The Forest Bathing Institute has developed a unique form of Forest Bathing, called Forest Bathing+ which is now being widely adopted across England, and is socially prescribed in Surrey.Forest Bathing+ is a more comprehensive therapeutic form of Forest Bathing, underpinned by a mindfulness practice that has been developed in co-operation with numerous universities, professors, doctors and scientists.

The Forest Bathing Institute is also working with business owners, corporates and healthcare organisations offering their teams Forest Bathing+ events including away days and team building sessions, which are tailored to meet the individual business requirements.

An important aspect of The Forest Bathing Institute’s mission is developing partnerships with major landowners and stakeholders including Forestry England, The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, The Woodland Trust, RSPB, National Trust, the NHS, Surrey County Council and Guildford Borough Council to foster closer working relationships to conserve and protect the environment, to advance and promote the health benefits of Forest Bathing.

With this aim in mind, ground-breaking UK pilot scientific studies took place in 2019 between The Forest Bathing Institute and The University of Derby to replicate the scientific evidence that has been conducted over the last 40 years in Japan and South Korea. These UK based studies monitored and evaluated changes that take place in the body at a physiological level when surrounded by nature, and in particular, when walking in ancient forests and woodland. Further studies are currently taking place, and are being planned for 2023.

You can review the summary findings from the research on our website, please click here.

The story behind The Forest Bathing Institute

The Forest Bathing Institute was founded by husband and wife team, Gary Evans and Olga Terebenina who both have a passion for nature, the environment, conservation, mental health and well-being.

Gary is actively working with Government bodies and stakeholders, landowners, healthcare providers such as the NHS and the universities to propagate the health giving benefits of immersive nature based therapy, and to raise awareness of the health benefits of forest bathing, both at a mental and physiological level on the body.

Olga is a philosophy graduate with a passion and extensive knowledge of holistic healing practices and lifestyle, some gained from spending time studying in India. It is this blend of learning and expertise in Eastern practices that Olga brings to the training within The Forest Bathing Institute and to Holistic Healing Therapy, the parent company.

Meet the Team.

Contribution to the Surrey Hills

The Forest Bathing Institute is currently working with the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and local landowners to conserve the environment, and also to host Forest Bathing+ events across the region. So, it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the natural beauty and wonder of this region, whilst informing and educating Forest Bathing+ event attendees about the health giving benefits of the ancient woodlands and forests in the region.

The Forest Bathing Institute is working with a number of local charities, including mental health charities, the NHS, CCGs, Care Home providers and healthcare professionals to provide health and wellbeing days for staff and patients alike.

The Forest Bathing Institute develop bespoke Forest Bathing+ programmes and team building sessions for small businesses, corporates and healthcare organisations. We discuss your business need and then develop an appropriate training programme. You can find out more by visiting our website.our website.

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