Holistic Healing Therapy

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Based on the Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku, Forest Bathing+ involves a slow exploration of nature through the senses. Participants are guided through a series of mindful exercises leading to an enhanced connection with nature and potentially a profoundly relaxed state. This calming and relaxing practice has been scientifically measured to have beneficial and lasting therapeutic effects.

Forest Bathing in the Surrey Hills enables people to create a deeper connection and respect for nature. It can also help enable collaboration of landowners across the Surrey Hills if the sessions were to be held on one of their sites, generating an additional source of income.

University results from previous sessions

Associate Professor Dr Kirsten McEwan at the University of Derby has taken a look at our early data and found:

“There are statistically significant improvements in health, anxiety, nature connection and social connection after Forest bathing. These improvements gradually increased over the 3-6 weeks that people attended forest bathing sessions”.

“The greatest improvements were as follows: in week 2 nature connection increased by 89%, anxiety reduced by 69% and a health measure which assesses mobility, self-care, anxiety, depression and pain reduced by 35%. In week 1 health improved by a massive 412% and by week 5 social connection had increased by 50%.”

Participant feedback included:

“It’s been really good to get out as I don’t normally do so. It stopped me thinking about the things I normally worry about.”

“Really enjoyed it very relaxing”.

“It has been really restful because I’ve been quite depressed recently”.

This project is helping deliver the Surrey Hills Management Plan by enriching the access and enjoyment of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for all.

Project summary

Applicant Gary Evans, Holistic Healing Therapy Limited
FiPL grant awarded £4,850
Total project cost £4,850
Project start date 18 Nov 2021
Project end date 31 Oct 2022