Growing Together: Inclusion and Conservation in the Surrey Hills

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Growing Together is an 18-month project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. A huge thank you to National Lottery Players. The aim of the project is to engage underrepresented communities in the Surrey Hills countryside by co-designing a programme of nature-based activities aimed at building confidence, developing skills, and improving health and wellbeing. We will be working with three key partners, Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum, Surrey Coalition of Disabled People and Surrey Choices (who support people with a range of disabilities, particularly learning disabilities). All three of these organisations support people who traditionally face barriers to the countryside and environmental volunteering, and we will be working with them to co-create experiences and processes to overcome some of these barriers.

We hope to create an ambassador network, whereby participants of the project encourage other members of their community to visit and enjoy the Surrey Hills, increasing representation of diverse communities in our visitor and volunteer profiles.