Surrey woman launches Key Worker Care Pack to support frontline NHS staff

23rd February 2021

Gemma Cockrell from Guildford in Surrey, experienced first-hand the pressures that NHS staff and associated key workers are currently facing, when she called the emergency services following a medical emergency and was told “there are no ambulances”. Yet it was seeing the challenges the operator and hospital staff were facing so gallantly, that led to her to want to help by launching a new Key Worker Care Pack for frontline workers.

Key Worker Care Pack and GemmaGemma explains the profound effect the experience had on her:

“Although it was of course a worrying time for me, my heart went out to the person on the other end of the phone. I really felt for all those working on the front line during this pandemic and the pressure that are surely facing at this time. I knew that I had to do something to help.”

Gemma is the Founder of natural skincare company, Puremess that produces a range of beautiful handmade products that promote well-balanced and healthy glowing skin, using nature’s finest ingredients.

A breast cancer survivor herself, the experience with the emergency services sparked an idea in Gemma – to create a care package for NHS staff and other frontline key workers that would help provide a moment of calm during this time of crisis.

Key Worker Care PackVisiting the Intensive Care Unit of The Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford on Wednesday (10 February), Gemma gifted 25 Key Worker Care Packs to those working on the frontline of the Covid crisis.

Each contained the following handmade wellness items for a moment of relaxation and a touch of care:

Puremess Sleep Balm to ensure a better night’s sleep, with a blend of lavender, frankincense, bergamot and roman chamomile to ease the mind and calm the senses and a base of organic beeswax, cocoa butter and almond oil to nourish skin and provide smooth and easy absorption. This was bundled up with a moisturising Puremess lip balm and a pair of fluffy socks for extra cosiness.

– A box of four exquisite handmade truffles from Sweet C’s Chocolates, handcrafted from single origin cocoa beans and the finest flavoured natural ingredients.

– An INZHO  aromatherapy soy wax jar candle, inspired by the Navajo (Native American) culture and infused with a blend of essential oils, chosen to provide a dose of inspiration to those in need of a little boost. Each pack contains either Bear for courage, Horse for freedom, or Eagle to connect.

– A hair scrunchie, handmade from sustainable cork by Laura Simons.

– A beautiful inspiring ‘Star’ postcard, from local illustrator Flossie Hunt.

– A jar of delicious Mixed Berry Jam from Naomi’s Preserves.

– Energising Aroma Sticks to revive workers naturally while on shift when they start to feel fatigued, from holistic health specialist, Flourishing Health.

– Chutney from Albury-based authentic Indian cuisine company, Mandira’s Kitchen.

– A beautiful hand blown glass egg from specialist glass artist, Adam Aaronson Glass Studio.

– Fun stickers from local fashion and lifestyle brand, Depicted Designs.

– A wine charm from Surrey Hills ceramic artist, Lorraine Clifton Ceramics.

– Recycled cotton napkins from botanical table beer company, Binary Botanical.

– Notebooks, bamboo cups and scented sachets from The Packhouse lifestyle store, Farnham.

Key Worker Care Packs hospital delivery

Following her visit to the hospital, Gemma explained how inspired and moved she felt,

“I am in awe of the commitment, positivity and kindness of the frontline NHS staff. To be able to deliver such incredible care during this time of crisis makes them heroes in my eyes. I am so grateful to have been able to give something back to them by working with other wonderful independent Surrey Hills businesses, by way of the Key Worker Care Packs, as a little token of appreciation for everything that they are doing.”

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