Heritage Building Restoration Grant (HBRG)

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The main objective of the funding scheme is to fund examples of buildings which will enhance cultural heritage features, landscape, wildlife and public engagement with the environment

This grant is a standalone capital grant available through FiPL and pays up to 80% of eligible costs towards restoration of eligible historic buildings

HBRG capital funding is only available for the financial year 24/25. Although applications can be approved and onward agreements issued in 23/24, no approved HBRG project activities can start, or be claimed before 1 April 2024.

This funding cannot be used for work that has already started, prior to an agreement

With additional FiPL funding, potentially the building can be diversified, e.g., converted into a classroom to host educational visits

Buildings that are particularly rare or vulnerable in their materials will be the highest priority; this includes thatch, historic cladding and mud and stud walls

Requirements for the funding are:

  • The footprint of the building must be within the Surrey Hills AONB boundary
  • The building must be visible on OS maps dated prior to 1940
  • The building must be brought back into a state of “good repair” and be structurally sound and weatherproof

Capital repair items available for funding:

  • Roof coverings
  • Weatherproofing
  • Structural work

What the grant cannot pay for:

  • Maintenance
  • Capital works that have already started.
  • Planning application fees
  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Any works undertaken as part of another grant or obligation

Ineligible buildings:

  • Ruined buildings – buildings which are less than 50% complete are ineligible for funding
  • Modern buildings
  • Non-roofed structures
  • Buildings not marked on an OS map dated before 1940
  • Buildings which have received grant funding in the past
  • Historic buildings which have already been converted


For your project to be approved by Defra, the application will need to meet the eligibility requirements, pass a scoring threshold and be one of the highest priorities for funding when reviewed by the Defra panel.

If you have a building which you think may be eligible, please contact Jenna and Sarah at fipl@surreycc.gov.uk to discuss your ideas further.