Thorncroft Manor and Vineyard

Along the Mole Gap trail…

Late 18th Century Manor House and modern vineyard

Thorncroft Manor was built in 1772 by Sir Robert Taylor, architect of many prestigious buildings including Admiralty House, London. It was designed for the very wealthy Henry Crabb Boulton, Lord of the Manor and MP for Worcester.

Turning right onto Thorncroft Drive you have a fine view of the manor house. You can also appreciate the mirror glass extension by Michael Manser. It beautifully reflects the historic building and its landscape. Thorncroft was one of the two feudal manors of Leatherhead from Norman times and held by Merton College, Oxford from the 13th to the early 20th Century. Remnants of the home farm can be seen along the route as the trail moves into open countryside. A vineyard in the shallow valley produces elderflower wine.