MySurreyHills #9
Diane Palumbo

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Meet Diane Palumbo. She is a keen road cyclist who lives in South West London but loves cycling out into the Surrey Hills at weekends.

Diane comments: “I love to ride out into the Surrey Hills at weekends – it’s where my heart is. I leave London with the mentality of a cyclist commuter, negotiating the busy roads then before you know it you are being passed by fewer and fewer cars and you leave the built environment and head into the green. You can almost feel your mood changing. The transition of leaving the hustle and bustle to the calm and green of the Surrey Hills – I just come back calmer. Cycling up Box Hill is just absolutely beautiful, coming here regularly has not only kept me cycling but encouraged me to do more. When you get to the top of Box Hill, see a canopy of trees, dappled with sunlight the view breaks open in front of you and you breathe in the fresh air – it’s unbeatable”.