MySurreyHills #7
Fiona Haynes and Bill Downey

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Meet Fiona and Bill. Fiona is the Surrey Small Blue Butterfly project officer for Butterfly Conservation and Bill is a volunteer helping with the project. Since 2017 Butterfly Conservation has been running the project to boost the population of the Small Blue butterfly and encourage it to spread across the North Downs between Guildford and Dorking.

Fiona comments: “In conservation we are completely reliant on volunteers. I’ve been so lucky to get a brilliant group of volunteers together for this project with a whole range of knowledge. I feel like it is a priviledge to work in places like this with incredible people, it is so good for my own well-being – it’s brilliant, I can’t describe it”.

Bill comments: “I’ve been involved with this project since the start and am part of the work parties that go out to do conservation work. I really enjoy the work parties and just love being outside, you get out, you work and you meet other people. The interesting thing about the countryside is you just go on and on learning”.

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