MySurreyHills #14
Gary Evans

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Meet Gary Evans, Director of The Forest Bathing Institute. There was always something about the Surrey Hills that drew Gary to them, even from a young age when he used to cycle on Box Hill with friends. Today, he feels that it’s his life’s purpose to guide people in nature therapy and share his love of the forest with others.

“Once I’d started to learn about mindfulness, I realised that coming into nature and the forest environment was very conducive to feeling relaxed, because these environments are part of all of us. The smells of nature evoke happy memories in many of us, so it’s really about coming to a stop and just looking, smelling, soaking in what’s around you, listening to the sounds of the birds, watching the animals. Think of it more like a trip to an art museum where you sit down and study the painting in front of you and the longer you look at that painting, you’re probably going to pick out finer detail. Don’t underestimate the importance of nature. Just get out and explore, keep looking for somewhere that speaks to your heart.”