MySurreyHills #10
James Harrison

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Meet 22 year old James Harrison who lives in Dorking. He loves exploring the Surrey Hills and finds being in nature the perfect way to step away from the distractions of a busy life and de-stress.

James comments: “The moment I pack my bag with a torch, some tarpaulin and tea for when I arrive, I already feel relaxed at the thought of what lies ahead. I spend a lot of time in the Surrey Hills with friends but being able to spend time in nature alone for me is a huge part of my life and helps me to de-stress. Having this personal experience that is just mine allows me to put away all the clutter of daily life. Being surrounded by nature puts life into perspective. City life is so cluttered with day to day activity that when you get to simplify everything and drop into nature it’s just so calming for your body and mind – it’s just so nice”.