Albury Saxon Church

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Old St Peter and St Paul’s Church is a former Anglican church near the village of Albury. It is a Grade I listed building. The church stands in Albury Park, to the northwest of Albury Hall, and between the villages of Albury and Shere. The nave of the church may date from the Saxon era but has been considerably altered from the 14th century onward. In 1819 the Albury Park estate was bought by Henry Drummond, a London banker. During the following year the spire on the tower was replaced by a cupola (a small dome).

Drummond became involved with the foundation of the Catholic Apostolic Church in the 1830s, and built a church for this religious movement on his estate. The residents of Albury village had been coming to worship at their parish church in the estate, and Drummond proposed to close this church and to build a new Anglican church nearer the centre of the village. Building of both the new churches began in 1839.

Albury Saxon Church