Chinthurst Folly

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Chinthurst Hill is a quiet and peaceful spot with fine views from its summit. Here you’ll find a stone folly built in the 1930’s, which is now a Grade II listed building. Even from the base of this impressive structure you’ll encounter wonderful views across Guildford, the Chantries, St Martha’s Hill and the North Downs.

Incredibly, man has probably used these hillside woodlands since the Middle Stone Age. Woodland areas were carefully managed to keep them productive, and these particular woodlands have actually been managed for hundreds of years. A fine display of bluebells can be seen on Chinthurst Hill in the spring. Watch out for roe deer and, if you are walking at dusk in the summer, you may see bats hunting for insects on the wing.

Find out more about Chinthurst Hill and the location guide on the Surrey County Council Explore Surrey page below.

Chinthurst Hill
Chinthurst Lane,