Swan Barn Farm

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Just steps from bustling Haslemere High Street, Swan Barn Farm is a quiet, rural retreat with ample options for walking to explore this varied landscape of woodland, meadows and pasture. Said to be the gateway to some of the most picturesque countryside in the region, there are plentiful picnic opportunities throughout, with pastures used for hay-making and grazing of Belted Galloways and pretty streams crossed by little bridges.

There are also intriguing historic sights to spot, including the town’s old well (used until the 19th-century) and traditional charcoal-making and hazel coppicing taking place amongst the ancient woodland.

In the warmer seasons, wildflowers bloom in the meadows, with foxgloves and delicate cuckoo flowers a particular highlight for bees and visitors alike, and orchids and bird’s foot trefoil adding a touch of colour in summer. Those looking to bolster their larders can always find chances for wild foraging at Swan Barn Farm too, whether it’s juicy berries and apples as summer draws to a close, nuts or fungi in autumn, winter sloes from which to make gin, or springtime’s nettles for adding to soups and other dishes.

With many options for shorter family-friendly walking trails throughout Swan Barn Farm, more adventurous hikers can attempt the Serpent Trail, some 64-miles linking to the Greensand Way and Sussex Border Path, offering some of the very best views.

Find out more about Swan Barn Farm and the location guide on the National Trust page below.

Swan Barn Farm
Black Down Estate, Collards Lane, Haslemere