Surrey Hills “Buy 1 in 5” Pledge

17th November 2020

Supporting your local businesses with the Surrey Hills “buy 1 in 5” pledge

Surrey Hills is inviting people in Surrey to pledge their support to buy local this Christmas and help the local economy and environmental sustainability.

There are many campaigns to encourage communities to support their local businesses, however, Surrey Hills Enterprises wanted to take that support one step further.

We have created a new self-motivated pledge to encourage individuals and families in Surrey to buy at least 1 in every 5 purchases from a Surrey Hills based business this Christmas.

For inspiration and links to many outstanding local products and services, we have created a “Virtual Artisan Market Place” highlighting businesses offering gifts, crafts, food, drink, and experiences, all from businesses who have been awarded the Trade Mark Surrey Hills – a Mark of quality, sustainability, and local provenance.

By carrying out this pledge individuals and families will be creating an extensive ripple effect of benefits:-

  1. Make dreams happen – the vast majority of Surrey Hills based business are small, entrepreneurial enterprises built on passion, dedication and determination. Every new order takes them one step closer to making their dreams a reality.
  2. Improve the local economy – If every person in the Surrey Hills spent just £5 per week in their local shops and businesses, that would add approx. £9.6 m to the Surrey Hills economy
  3. Providing local jobs – 61% of all jobs in the UK are with SMEs – by supporting your local businesses you are helping to support the creating of new jobs in the Surrey Hills
  4. Take care of the environment – by buying locally you are reducing the carbon foot print of the Surrey Hills as the products are sourced and created from within a significantly reduced area
  5. Feel more a part of your community – most small business owners and their staff are passionate about their business and offer genuine heartfelt customer service.  So the experience of buying from them is likely to be far more enjoyable and really makes you feel more a part of the community.

Surrey Hills Enterprises will support those who make the pledge by continuing to highlight and signpost you to many of the extraordinary and inspiring local Surrey Hills businesses who provide high quality, local and sustainable products

Sign up for the pledge by clicking here



NB. This is self-driven pledge to help motivate individuals and families to buy more locally. By signing up you will receive periodic information on a wide range of products and services in the Surrey Hills. You will not be required to prove purchases or buying habits.