Surrey Hills Society

The Surrey Hills Society is an independent charity promoting the positive enjoyment and care of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for those who live, work in, or visit the area. The Society encourages people to explore and learn about the special qualities and distinctiveness of the area.


At its heart, the Society has a strong membership organisation which provides a vehicle for increasing the knowledge and enjoyment of the area by our members.

Trustees & Management

The Trustees and Management Team for the Society are all unpaid volunteers.

Due to this high level of volunteering, all the monies received by the Society, whether from internal activities, external grants or donations can (apart from internal running costs) be used to support the outreach and wider goals of the organisation as described in the Aims section.


SHS has a rigorous governance structure in place which includes thorough risk assessment for every event they organise. Much of SHS’s work is carried out through other organisations such as schools and charities supporting young people and vulnerable adults, and these organisations have full safeguarding policies and processes in place.

The support, networking and marketing opportunities that SHE has provided for the rural economy has been unparalleled.

Tim Metson
Coverwood Lakes

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