My Surrey Hills

14th March 2019

My Surrey Hills is a series of videos focusing on people. What those people all have in common is the Surrey Hills and the love they have for the area that they live, work in or simply enjoy visiting.

Each month we will introduce you to a new person and unveil their video. You’ll discover a runner, cyclist, artist, volunteer, wild swimmer, wildlife enthusiast and more…

In January we introduced you to Jude Palmer. Jude lives on Leith Hill. She loves being outdoors and regularly undertakes her passion of running in the Surrey Hills.

Jude comments;
Being out here is all about adventure, about exploring. I love getting to the top of a hill and you can literally feel your eyes relax. I can touch things, I can feel things. The scenery changes, the weather changes, you get that tingle on your skin and the smell of the sunshine but also the colours are just relaxing”.

In February you met Michelle Eastell (also known as Mimi by the children). Michelle is a mum of three and lives and works on the Nower in Dorking. Michelle is a Forest School leader and is passionate about woodlands and the benefit they bring both physically and mentally.

Michelle comments;
“If I’d met my 15 year old self, I’d never have imagined myself in the woods. I was a city girl, worked in London and didn’t like to get dirty. I’m now in love with nature. Where I work now in the woods of the Surrey Hills it’s my second home. You’ll find me here at 6 O’clock in the morning, I’ll be setting up for the session and have a few moments to just be still”.
Discover more about Michelle’s forest school, Dorking Forest School Rangers here;

Not long until our March My Surrey Hills video is released…… watch this space!

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